Message from the President


Pharmaceutical and health product logistics is a modalilty that requires differenciated care with the product all the way until the final delivery.  To provide quality services, companies are constantly searching for solutions to the challenges in the national and international distribution logistics system. 

In the last few years, the increase in regulatory demands to meet the good practice guidelines has led to a new reality in the sector, forcing companies to rethink their business models, establish new strategies and effective partnerships with suppliers. Professional qualification is highlighted as the grounds for business quality and sustainability, therefore leading to a new management model supported by the pharmacist as an essential professional in the management processes requiring quality services.

See the main reasons to participate in the 3rd Pharma Supply Chain and Health Brazil.

  • This is an event aiming at integrating all of the components required for strategic actions in the human and animal health product supply chain.  On August 16 and 17, 2017 we will have a meeting of representatives of the industry, importers, distributors, logistic companies, retail distribution networks, transporters, service and solution providers, among others, who participate in this national and international scenario. The environment is perfect to share ideas, exchange experiences, make business appointments, learn, observe market trends in addition to expand your relationship network.
  • It is an exhibition fair of products and services in the healthcare logistic chain which will enable new business opportunities, exchange of information and other opportunities in a unique environment in the pharma and health segment. 
  • It is going to be a showcase never seen before, with renowned speakers and varied themes for professionals, enabling the dissemination of theoretical-practical knowledge and technical and managerial discussions, providing useful information for your professional life and work environment.

There will also be two simultaneous Fora:

  • 1st INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON COLD CHAIN AND CLINICAL RESEARCH LOGISTICS to discuss and get to know the global market trends and apply the good practices in day-to-day activities involving Cold Chain and Clinical Research Logistics
  • 1st INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON PHARMACEUTICAL LOGISTIC CHAIN SAFETY to analyze global trends in pharmaceutical product Cargo Safety and to combat Robbery, Theft and drug falsifications.

Do not miss this unique opportunity for your professional and entrepreneurial development. 

We count on your presence!



 President of the National Association of Logistics Pharmacists